What Is Essential Thrombocythemia?

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Essential thrombocythemia is an uncommon disorder in which your body produces too many blood platelets and make you feel fatigued and lightheaded. You may also experience headaches and vision changes. It can increases your risk of blood clots. It usually happens to people over age 50 and more common in women. There is no cure for essential thrombocythemia. You don't need treatment unless you have a severe condition, in which you may need medicine that lowers your platelet count, blood thinners or both.   Keywords: essential thrombocythemia; essential thrombocytosis
What causes Essential Thrombocythemia? I have had every scan and a bone marrow biopsy and nothing shows up. Platelet level is 839,000..
The cause for essential thrombocytopenia is not unknown. In some cases, mutations of JAK2 gene has been reported. However, doctors do not know exactly how this mutation causes essential thrombocytopenia. Additionally, in some cases, essential thrombocytopenia does not have JAK2 mutation.