What Does Sciatica Pain Feel Like?

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The pain of sciatica can be variable. It can radiate from the lower back all the way down to the foot. The patients may experience a persistant ache or sharp pain. The pain could be mild or intense. For some people, the pain can be severe and debilitating; while for others, the pain might be infrequent and irritating. Some patients may even feel a burning or electric shock sensation. Most people suffer sciatica in one leg. Keyword: does sciatica pain feel like
I fell in a PACS VAN 4 days ago! drew blood on my left shin , it swelled very quickly with lots of swelling and bruise all around the bruise with about a 1 in cut on my shin! I'M a senior citizen that lives alone with no relatives near all in different states! Should I talk to an Attorney? Can you tell me what to do for the pain? Thanks Judi H.