Do You Know How Long Will the Symptoms of Pink Eye Last?

1 Answer

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There are three kinds of pink eye: viral, bacterial and allergic pink eye. In most situations pink eye is mild and can be easily cured. Usually, symptoms of viral pink eye (viral conjunctivitis) can last for 7-14 days without treatment. However, in some other cases those symptoms can last for two or more weeks. While symptoms of bacterial pink eye (bacterial conjunctivitis) usually last a short time. If you use antibiotics for bacterial pink eye, its symptoms will be relieved within 24 hours. And symptoms of allergic pink eye (Allergic conjunctivitis) won’t last long. Those symptoms will be quickly relieved if you eliminate the allergen (such as drugs, pet dander or pollen). If your situation is severe, you'd better seek medical treatments in time. Keywords: long pink eye symptoms last