What Is Knee Swelling?

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Knee swelling is sometimes referred to as "water on the knee." The medical term for this condition is knee effusion. Water on the knee can result from an injury, chronic overuse, or disease. Swelling in a knee joint may limit knee flexibility and function. For example, a person may find it difficult to fully bend or completely straighten a swollen knee, and the joint may naturally bend 15 to 25 degrees while the leg is at rest. Depending on the underlying condition, the swollen knee may exhibit no other symptoms or it may be painful, and/or difficult to put weight on. To learn more you should go to a specialist. Keyword: knee swelling pain
Will cool air make the pain worse? (If ther is an knee effusion) this is no joke.its hard to even use the restroom.
Yes, it will. Coldness will worsen the knee swelling. So,you can put a blanket on your knee when you are in a cold room.
What causes knees swelling?.
You mean your situation of knee swelling is not caused by any of the causes mentioned above? How long have you had it?
Woke up with swollen knee. Last night has some discomfort!
Any injury lately?
I wake up @1x a month with swelling from my knees down. My knees hurt to bend and the tops of my feet really hurt from pressure. My ankles are twice their normal size. Any ideas?  Usually lasts a few days. I took pics to share with my Dr next time I can get in.
Could you please tell us whether there was any injury? It seems to me that you have to rule out deep vein thrombosis, which causes edema and significant swelling of the lower legs. Additionally, it could be alleviated by putting your lower legs higher.
Hi LaurieS. Your symptom could be caused by many conditions, such as kidney disease (Proteinuria), deep vein thrombosis,  arthritis, and liver disease. It's dangerous and requires you see a doctor ASAP. Have you seen your doctor already? Wish you well.
Jammed my knee stepping down a BIG step carrying heavy suitcase.   Initially everything was fine, its been 7 days and now im experiencing knee pain and swelling .  Icing doesnt seem to be working.
I think you need to get a knee X-ray and MRI scan. It could be a torn knee ligament or a torn meniscus. See an orthopedic surgeon. Hope you're doing well