Can You Talk About Dyslexia Action?

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Dyslexia Action is an organisation, based in Staines, UK. It's formerly called Dyslexia Institute. The organisation has 3 main divisions: Dyslexia Training, Dyslexia Guild, and Dyslexia Shop. The group was founded in 2005 when the Dyslexia Institute merged with Hornsby International Dyslexia Centre. It was renamed as Dyslexia Action in March 2006. This charity aims to support teachers in helping those living with dyslexia and other learning difficulties reach their full potential.
  • Dyslexia Training offers courses to qualify specialist teachers.
  • Dyslexia Guild is a professional membership body for specialist teachers. It offers benefits to members, including libraries.
  • Dyslexia Shop provides products to support those with dyslexia and literacy difficulties.
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