What is DASH Diet?

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The DASH Diet Plan is a style of eating to lower high blood pressure. It was originally claimed good for hypertension and prehypertension. Later it was claimed to be effective in weight loss and making people look younger. The DASH Diet Plan did win a bunch of followers. Yet the DASH Diet Plan isn’t free public information, if you want to learn more , you may get a book named so. There are several books, called DASH Diet Action Plan, Younger You and Weight loss. If you don’t want to spend your money on the book, simply understand this. The DASH Diet is eating more fruits, vegetables, and low fat dairy products, less saturated and total fat, less salt. Check the list of food low calories and high fiber   Related FAQs: http://healthtopquestions.com/?p=936 http://healthtopquestions.com/?p=1748 http://healthtopquestions.com/?p=959