What Are the Causes and Treatment of Sciatic Nerve Pain During Pregnancy?

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Pregnancy can cause a lot of pain in the sciatic nerve. Some women experience sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy, commonly during the second and third trimesters. Causes of sciatica during pregnancy Sciatica can be a side effect of pregnancy, but it is not directly caused by pregnancy. The typical causes of sciatica include:
  • Increased pressure on the portion of the sciatic nerve that runs under the uterus, due to fluid retention
  • A growing uterus presses on the sciatic nerve in the lower part of the spine
  • A change in your center of gravity due to growing belly and breasts, thus the pelvic area tightening and pinching the sciatic nerve
Treatment for sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy Even without sciatic nerve pain, pregnancy can already be an uncomfortable process for a soon-to-be mother. Luckily, the incorporation of specific stretches can help reduce and relieve sciatica during pregnancy, such as child pose, knees rocking, table stretch and the backblock routine. But stretching is not your only option. There are other ways to treat sciatic nerve pain.
  • Use a warm compress on the area where you are experiencing pain.
  • Stay off your feet and rest in comfortable positions as much as possible.
  • Place a pillow between your legs to better align the pelvis and take some pressure off of the sciatic nerve.
  • Strengthen your core and reduce inflammation with pelvic tilts and Kegel exercises.
  • Start swimming, an exercise that can relieve pressure on the spine.
If your pain becomes constant, or increases in severity or frequency, contact your health care provider immediately. Keyword: sciatic nerve pregnancy
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