What Is Essential Primary Hypertension?

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The term essential primary hypertension is a mixture of two terms: essential hypertension and primary hypertension. Those two terms refer to a same kind of disease. Primary hypertension is also called essential hypertension, it is a form of the disease hypertension. Primary hypertension (essential hypertension) may be caused by a complex interaction of genes and certain environmental factors. Numerous common genetic variants and some rare genetic variants may cause essential hypertension. Besides, aging is a common cause for essential hypertension. Its other causes include high salt intake, depression, caffeine consumption, vitamin D deficiency, lack of exercise and obesity. According to the study, over 90% of the cases are primary hypertension (essential hypertension). Lifestyle changes and medications can help relieve the symptoms of primary hypertension (essential hypertension). Keywords: essential primary hypertension; essential_ primary _hypertension