What Is Malignant Pleural Effusion?

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When cancer causes an abnormal amount of fluid to accumulate between the thin layers of pleura and the wall of the chest cavity, malignant pleural effusion occurs. Cancer is the major cause of malignant pleural effusion, especially lung cancer and breast cancer. Besides, pleural mesothelioma and lymphoma can also lead to malignant pleural effusion. Keywords: malignant pleural effusion
What causes the fluid not to stop accumulating and the need for blood transfusions. Cancer cells are present. What is the prognosis.
There are some types of cancer cells that favor to produce lots of fluid. Thus, it will cause effusions. This is their specific property. If you have this kind of cancer, you will have it and it will change.

By blood transfusion, do you mean by using globulin? Since globulin can increase the osmotic pressure, which will absorb more water in the blood, decreasing the exudation. This will also help to decrease the production of the effusions.
The cancer cells dilate the vessels in your pulmonary membranes, causing the fluids in the vessels to constantly leak into your chest cavity. The prognosis is generally not good. Pleural effusion is not a cause for blood transfusions. Your doctors do blood transfusion because your hemoglobin level or your platelet level is very low.