Can Children Get Hypertension?

1 Answer

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Hypertension affects people in all ages, including young children. Obesity, family history of high blood pressure, medical problems such as sleep apnea or other sleep disorders are the main causes of hypertension in children. Diagnosis of hypertension in children:
  • Newborns have blood pressure greater than 12.0/8.0kpa (90/60mmhg).
  • Infants have blood pressure greater than 13.3/8.0kpa (100/60mm hg).
  • Preschoolers have blood pressure greater than 14.7/9.33kpa (110/70mmhg).
  • School-age children have blood pressure greater than 14.7/10.7kpa (110/80mmhg).
Treatments for children with hypertension:
  • Have a healthy diet: fresh fruits and vegetables, food with less salt.
  • Doing regular exercises: walking, swimming, riding bicycles.
  • Reduce time on screen.
  • Have regular check on blood pressure.
  • Take antihypertensives.
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