Dose Pleural Effusion Mean Lung Cancer?

2 Answers

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We can’t say one gets lung cancer only because he has a pleural effusion. A pleural effusion refers to an unusual amount of fluid exists in the pleural cavity. Lung cancer can lead to pleural effusion, but it is just one of the factors that cause pleural effusion. Some other factors, such as congestive heart failure, liver or kidney disease, pneumonia, tuberculosis, or rheumatoid arthritis etc., can also cause pleural effusion. Keywords: pleural effusion lung; pleural effusion lung cancer; pleural effusion lung
Does pericardial effusion mean lung cancer?
Definitely not! Pericaridal means a lot, such as pericardial tuberculosis, pericardial infection, etc. Certainly, lung cancer can cause pericardial effusion. In fact, lung cancer is the most frequent cause of pericardial effusion in the elderly.