What Are Complex Partial Seizures?

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Complex partial seizures

Complex partial seizures are a category of focal seizures. They are now called focal seizures with impaired awareness. They appear to result from abnormal activity in just one area of your brain. These seizures involve a change or loss of consciousness or awareness. During a complex partial seizure, you may stare into space and not respond normally to your environment or perform repetitive movements, such as:
  • hand rubbing
  • chewing
  • swallowing
  • walking in circles
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i have a son who has seizures 10-15 sometimes. he has to be put on ventilator to try and stop him from having them. he is also a mystenia gravis patient. his seizures have gotten soo bad lately that i am scared for him.
It seems that your son's condition is very serious. You should take him to see a neuroglosit with special expertise in epilespy. Medications or surgeries can be used to control the seizures.