Can You Talk About Dyslexia Resources?

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There are many types of dyslexia resources. Some of these resources are for dyslexia sufferers, while others are for teachers and parents. They also come in many forms. Possible resources you may find include:
  • Training. These training programs are to help parents or teachers understand what the condition is, what the sufferers are dealing with, and what steps they can take to help the dyslexic.
  • Dyslexia friendly style guide. The style guide is there to help those who need to deal with dyslexia sufferers write things that are easier to understand for the dyslexic.
  • Software. The software can make life easier for dyslexia sufferers. For example, there's software that can read text to people living with dyslexia.
  • Video. There're also many videos online by professionals on how to help people who have dyslexia.
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