How to Treat Hypertension During Pregnancy?

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These messages are for mutual support and information sharing only. Always consult your doctor before trying anything you read here.
According to the study, about 10% of pregnant women may get hypertension. Usually hypertension occurs after about 20 weeks of your pregnancy. With proper treatments, it will be relieved and will not do harm to you and your baby. Here are some methods which may help you:
  • Do some mild exercises: walking and yoga
  • Take more prenatal vitamins: folic acid and calcium
  • Eat healthy foods: fresh fruits, lean meats, vegetables, and some low-fat dairy products
  • Quit smoking
  • Stop drinking alcohol
If you want to take any OTC or prescription medication, you must consult your doctor in advance. Keywords: hypertension pregnancy; treating hypertension pregnancy
You can use some medication under the guidance of your doctor

Some blood pressure medications are considered safe to use during pregnancy, but angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors, angiotensin II receptor blockers and renin inhibitors are generally avoided during pregnancy.

Treatment is important, however. High blood pressure puts you at risk of heart attack, stroke and other major complications. And it can be dangerous for your baby.

Don't stop taking the medication or adjust the dose on your own. You should Take the medication exactly as prescribed.
The type of your hypertension is important. The treatment would depend upon if it was chronic hypertension (the mom always has high blood pressure), or pregnancy-induced hypertension, or hypertension as a symptom of pre-eclampsia.

Methyldopa is often used during pregnancy for controlling hypertension.

Drugs that are usually contra-indicated in pregnancy: ACE inhibitors, angiotensin-receptor blockers, and renin inhibitors
There is meds out there for when you are pregnant. so u need to ask your doc about this because this is a serious matter.
Eat no salt. only herbs
no red meat only chicken breast
no soda/ only water
fat free and low fat only.
no canned foods/ only fresh fruits and veggies(frozen.)

Take care!