Is There Other Information on AFib Besides Medical Advice?

1 Answer

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Q: I’m taking medicines for AFib as directed. My doctor only told me how to take these drugs and see him if my symptoms can’t be controlled. What other information should I know about AFib? A: Besides medicines, there are many other ways that can help you to improve your physical condition. You can change your diet to relieve yourself from the symptoms of AFib. Food rich in sodium, potassium, and vitamin C are good for you in your condition. Having a weak heart doesn’t mean that you can’t do exercise any more. Instead, exercise can help you in the treatment for AFib. But you should avoid doing intensive and prolonged physical activities, because your heart can’t stand the stress it causes. Your mental health counts during the period of treatment. Pressure can contribute to atrial fibrillation. It may worsen your symptoms and cause other complications. You should know how to deal with your stress. Meditation, Yoga, and support form your families and friends will help you go through the pain and anxiety caused by the disease.     Related FAQs: Tags: afib informations; top afib information; information afib; information atrial fibrillation; atrial fibrillation information; new afib information