What Can We Do to Help Dyslexic Adults?

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These messages are for mutual support and information sharing only. Always consult your doctor before trying anything you read here.
There are things we can do to make life easier for people around us who have dyslexia. After reading this article, you'll learn what to do. Things you can do:
  • Use dyslexia-friendly font. Fonts like Arial, Tahoma, Helvetica, Geneva, and Verdana are easier for the dyslexic to read. Most of them prefer 12-14 point font.
  • Protect their privacy. Don't tell other people that your student or employee has dyslexia. Otherwise, you'll hurt the person as dyslexia is still associated with something bad.
  • Write clearly. Use short sentences. Add pictures and charts if possible.
  • Use paper that is optimal for reading. The paper needs to be thick enough that you can't see what's written on the other side. Avoid using paper that reflects light.
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