What Do You Know about Absence Seizures?

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Absence seizures

Absence seizures, previously known as petit mal seizures, is one type of generalized seizures. These Seizures appear to involve all areas of the brain. They often occur in children and are characterized by staring into space or by subtle body movements, such as eye blinking or lip smacking. These seizures may occur in clusters and cause a brief loss of awareness. Keywords: absence seizures; absence seizure.  
Does this happen in adults? Because I have seizures but the doctor didn't tell what type. All I do is stare into space, but sometimes I would reach for things that aren't there. Is that the same thing?
I began having petit mal seizures in my 30's. Until my sons were born I had only grand mal seizures. I am seeing a new neurologist and he scares me!
My body has been jerking and full body jerks too..seen 4 nuerologist and oshcners in New Orleans..cant no one tell me what is going on..it only started 6 years ago..i feel I'm going insane...i know theres something wrong seen two many Drs...one on the 4 of Dec I just want answers
If 4 neurologists could not figure out why, then it is unlikely that we could know the answer even without specific information about your test results. You may need to keep seeing experienced neurology specialists.
Hi, have you taken cranial MRI and EMG of your body muscle? For your condition, it should be injury of superior motor neuron. It's better to check if these jerks are induced by something and when these jerks occur during a day etc. You can see another experienced neurologist.
So lately I’ve been having some kind of feeling related to an absence seizure, but I’m not 100% sure it’s an absence seizure... sometimes I’m just standing or sitting down and suddenly everything starts to get dark and half my body feels weak yet stiff , and I can’t move for a couple of seconds and I’m just blankly staring at nothing but I’m fully conscious all the time while this occurs ... might this be an absence seizure??
This is not an absence seizure. Patients with an absence seizure usually suffer from a temporary loss of consciousness. You may just be too nervous or not have enough rest. Try to rest more and see if your symptoms get better.