What Is the Best Hospital Glioblastoma Treatment?

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Glioblastoma is a type of aggressive brain cancer. It often occurs in the brain or spinal cord and grows very fast. Normally, glioblastoma occurs more often in older adults, but sometimes it also occurs in young people and children. People with glioblastoma will suffer with nausea, headaches, seizures and vomiting. To cure glioblastoma can be very difficult, or even impossible, but treatments can help control its progression and relieve symptoms.

The common treatments for glioblastoma include:

  • Surgery Surgery aims to remove as much of the tumor as possible, but it may be impossible to remove all.
  • Chemotherapy Chemotherapy uses drugs (such as temozolomide) to kill cancer cells.
  • Radiation therapy Radiation therapy means to kill cancer cells by using high-energy beams (such as X-rays or protons).
  • Tumor treating fields (TTF) therapy The goal of TTF therapy is to disrupt the tumor cells' ability to multiply by using an electrical field.
  • Targeted drug therapy Targeted drug therapy focuses on specific abnormalities in cancer cells, and uses drugs to attack those abnormalities, then kills the cancer cells.
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