How Long Is the Prognosis for Brain Glioblastoma?

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In medical field, prognosis represents an estimate of the patient. It shows whether the patient will recover form the disease. The common prognosis for brain glioblastoma after diagnosis is 12 to 15 months. With proper treatments, about 3% to 5% of people will survive longer than five years. But without treatments, patient will survive only 3 months. Karnofsky Performance Score (KPS) and MGMT methylation are used to show the condition of brain glioblastoma, a good initial Karnofsky Performance Score (KPS) and MGMT methylation represent longer survival. Here is a chart showing the prognosis for brain glioblastoma: Keywords: brain glioblastoma prognosis; glioblastoma tumor prognosis
My late husband was diagnosed with brain cancer in March of 1991. He had a glioblastoma. He was an otherwise healthy, overweight man. Never got sick. His balance was off and the doctors thought it was an inner ear infection.

After surgery in March of 1991 to remove the tumor he received both radiation and chemotherapy. The radiation was the worst. He was no longer the man he was. He kept working, was told not to drive anymore because he lost his peripheral vision. He lost his balance, his ability to pretty much do simple things like to tie his shoes.

In May of 1992, he fell on our pool deck. I was never sure if he hit his head but, he later was admitted to the hospital for the last time in July of 1992. President Bush flew over the hospital in Daytona Beach, FL. in Air Force One to attend the retirement of Richard Petty at the speedway.

My husband had another surgery that weekend to reduce the swelling on his brain. He started to have seizures and was kept in the hospital until the middle of August 1992 when he was moved to a nursing home.

He died on Labor Day weekend, September the 4th of 1992. He would have been 42 in October.
My husband died from a Glioblastoma brain tumor in the left parietal lobe. He was diagnosed on January 18 in 2017. We were told he probably wouldn't live to see Valentines Day. But he did! In May he commenced a 5 day/week, 6 week treatment of radiation. He had an MRI done every 6 weeks to monitor growth activity. In March 2018 he started on chemo, I administered to him at home by tablet once every 6 weeks. He was also on ritolin for petite mal seizures and Decadron (Dexamethasone) to control brain swelling. He had 6 doses of Chemo when the tumor started growing again. He died very peacefully and without pain in August. He was 47 when he died, never lost any weight and looked like a normal healthy male. God bless him.
Good luck to you too!