How to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally?

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Family remedies of hypertension or high blood pressure prove helpful. Basically, a healthy eating and exercise pattern is the foundation of health. No. 1 Reduce sodium intake High blood sodium raises blood pressure. Anyone with hypertension should reduce daily sodium intake to less than 1,500 milligrams a day. You can buy a quantity spoon to control the salt you put in your food every day. And try your best to stay away from processed food like potato chips or fried chicken, because processed food and fast food usually contain high sodium. No. 2 Lose Weight Eat high fiber low calories food, control your weight, check your BMI. You might consider the DASH Diet, or consistently eating high fiber low calories food. No. 3 Quit Smoke Hypertension patients should quit smoking, if you haven’t, do it as soon as possible. No. 4 Exercises Exercises help a lot in stabilizing blood pressure. However, anyone with high blood pressure should start with mild exercises, because intense exercises raise blood pressure, it might hurt people who already has a high blood pressure. Starting from brisk walk for 30-60 minutes a day, 3-5 times a week, and gradually raise your exercise level. Research shows that 6 month regular brisk walk can lower 8 mmHg on average. A device monitoring heart rate and blood pressure during exercises is a good help. It keeps you aware of your body status, you can manage your exercise level accordingly. No. 5 Helpful Foods Garlic Garlic has rich compounds that helps lower blood pressure. It helps relieve symptoms coming with hypertension, like dizziness, short of breath, headaches, burning eyes. Put 2-3 cloves into your daily meal, or take Garlic capsules, both will work. Indian Gooseberry Indian Gooseberry contains rich vitamin C. It’s highly effective in relieving high blood pressure. Lemon Lemon is a good source of both Vitamin C and Vitamin P. Especially, Vitamin P is strong antioxidant, when Vitamin P and C work together, it protects cells and prevents capillary delicateness. Sliced lemon and lemon peels both have good benefits. Grapefruit Grapefruit also contains Vitamin P. Grapefruit keeps arteries healthy and prevents high blood pressure. Potato Potato is strong in helping hypertension. Potato prevents the absorption of sodium, makes food salt-free. It also contains rich calcium and magnesium. It’s an excellent remedy for high blood pressure. Remember to bowl potato with peel. Parsley Parsley contains nutrients that can maintain blood vessels healthy and protect the capillaries. Parsley can be a good smoothie component. Rauwolfia Rauwolfia is good for treatment of high blood pressure. Consuming tea spoon water 2 to 3 times a day to get significant relief from hypertension. Bananas Bananas help on relieving high blood pressure because it contains rich potassium. Doctors suggest 3-4 servings of potassium rich vegetables and fruits per day for hypertension patients. Polyunsaturated Oils Change your cooking oil will help. Use canola, mustard seed, or safflower oil, these oil are unsaturated and helps in reducing blood pressure. They also help to reduce cholesterol. These oils will make a noticeable difference.   Related FAQs: