Any Medication to Ease the Pain of Multiple Sclerosis?

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Can you tell me some medication to ease the pain because of multiple sclerosis?

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Each person with multiple sclerosis has a different pain story. If the pain is:
  • All-over pain: Your doctor will consider what kind of medicine you need. You might take a pain reliever like acetaminophen or use a skin gel with a pain reliever like lidocaine. Your doctor could prescribe medications for seizures or depression.
  • On your face: Your doctor may prescribe anti-seizure drugs.
  • In your neck: Your doctor may prescribe an anti-seizure drug.
  • In your muscles: Your doctor may recommend pain relievers and drugs to ease muscle spasms.
  • In your back and bones: Over-the-counter pain-relievers like ibuprofen and aspirin can help.
  • In your head: Talk to your doctor or a headache specialist about the best medications. Those might include drugs that also treat depression and botox to relax certain muscles in your head.
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oxycontin 10 my 4 times a day. 

Pain killers like OxyContin are dangerous and run a real risk of an addiction that can kill you.

Marijuana has been proven effective and this is backed up by many suffering from MS including my 33 year old nephew in NY who has an extremely hard time falling asleep without it.
Weed has been the only thing that has helped me sometimes with my nerve pain in my legs when nothing else will. It has been the best for my nerve pain. I just smoke a little & I am doing better & eat part of an edible!
Marihuana is not legal in my state.
was taking oxycontin cr for chronic pain from progressive multiple sclerosis, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. Now government makes it illegal and i can;t stand the pain. can not function. it was the only pain medicine that helped my pain without sedation. To be able to get OUT of the bed. I was prescribed from 1999-2017. I didn;t  become addicted  but have been treated like an addict by all doctors and was dropped by doctors i've seen for 25 years because they were afraid of losing their license. This is not democracy, anymore than we are UNITED states. to get help from medical marihuanna you have to live where they have proved how it has helped so many who have multuple sclerosis, epilepcy and seizures. Our government is blind to those being helped vs everyone else like in nc where incurable illness, veterans and the many wounded warriors coming home from Iraq. ...Wake up america we have dictators, freedom to medical care is now against the law..
really?? have you tried all the meds??
Mrs Johnson. Well said.  So sad but true. Why are the good people who do not abuse pain meds being punished so bad.  Major spine surgery here and all I got was OTC Ibuprofen which didn’t help that pain at all.
This is a sin to punish the innocent. I’m old now and need pain relief. I need knee surgery but decided not to have it.  It’s not worth the suffering after surgery.  Hope you find a better doctor.
There are many meds for pain after surgery.Don't give up! I believe that you can have a responsible doctor to cure your knee injury.
Yes I too was prescribed oxycontin for the  pain only 2 a night #5/325. My doctor just after 10 years told me to find another doctor.  I'm so upset, I looked into the medical  marijuana  and I just dont have the income to  afford it. Any advice what to do? I do try to do holistic supplements,  though it is   very expensive to.
Have you tried Tegretol (carbamazepine) and Neurontin (gabapentin)? These medications are commonly used to treat trigeminal neuralgia and dysesthesias.
I go to a pain specialist. You might need to look one up. I get Fentanyl Patches 25 mg.
I too was in bed til I was put on the patch. Then I not only got out of bed but I am working part time.
So true. The people who need it for real pain are being treated so unfairly. What are we suppose to do when our chronic pain is what we have to deal with the rest of our lives. So unfair! I was only getting 45 a month and the lowest dosage. Unbelievable, I'd like to see them deal with this kind of pain. I'd rather have 10 kids, natural childbirth!!!
Pain Management also took me off all opiods and treat me like an addict, yet the lady who saw pain management right before me, was begging for her script as i went to the pharmacy for other meds. When she got down to the pharmacy she cut in front of everyone so they would fill her script first.  She was figiting the whole time and looked like she needed a fix. I brought it up to pain management the last time i spoke with them. She said i was 3 days early with a med the month before she took over, so they are worried that I am abusing the meds. I explained to her then that i only got a 28 day supply of meds and there were 34 days between seeing the pain management dr. I wasn't over my limit. They scheduled wrong or didn't prescribe enough to get me to my next appointment. She then told me i was no longer under contract with them since they will not prescribe me opiods: not even after surgeries. She said I could have any ather dr prescribe opiods for me, then told my primary care physician i needed to be weaned off of what she prescribed for the pain. At 15mg immediate release oxycodone I was able to walk and function mostly. Now i am at 5mg oxycodone and it does nothing for me. I only have enough pills until next Tuesday. And it happens that i will have another surgery on Tuesday. I sure hope he provides enough pain meds to get passed this surgery. Last time he gave me 3 days of meds and Pain Management was supposed to take over, but they refused any opiods.  This has become a fricking joke. Im fed up with this!  So i understand where you are coming from.
Constantly in pain in back and legs. I fall a lot and I have seizures
You also have multiple sclerosis? Treatment of pain in MS usually includes medications, such as carbamazepine, baclofen and lamotrigine.