How to Lose Weight with PCOS?

1 Answer

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It is difficult for women with PCOS to lose weight, owing to abnormally high levels of androgens and insulin resistance. However, to reduce the severity of PCOS symptoms, it is very important for women with this syndrome to achieve a healthy weight. Following are tips to achieve this goal.
  1. Decide on an appropriate calorie goal and stick to it.
  2. Eat a low glycemic index diet.
  3. Eat several small meals a day.
  4. Plan for cheating.
  5. Load up on protein.
  6. Choose resistant starches for carbs.
  7. Give up soft drinks and other liquid calories.
  8. Drink green tea.
  9. Exercise daily.
  10. Begin weight training.
  11. Become a stress buster.
  12. Get plenty of rest.
  13. Give up tobacco.
  14. Consider birth control pills.
  15. Keep male hormone levels low with anti-androgen medications.
  16. Ask if metformin is right for you.
  17. Add liraglutide to your medication regimen.
  18. If not planning a pregnancy, ask about thiazolidinediones.
  19. Avoid crash or fad diets.
  20. Consider surgery as a last resort.
Weight loss is possible if you carefully manage your PCOS and focus on healthy, long term changes. Keywords: lose weight pcos; losing weight pcos; pcos weight loss; weight loss pcos