Any Treatment for Progressive Multiple Sclerosis?

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What are the treatments for progressive multiple sclerosis?

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For primary-progressive MS, ocrelizumab (Ocrevus) is the only FDA-approved disease-modifying therapy. It slows worsening of disability in people with this type of MS. For relapsing-remitting MS, several disease-modifying therapies are available. Much of the immune response associated with MS occurs in the early stages of the disease. Aggressive treatment with these medications as early as possible can lower the relapse rate and slow the formation of new lesions. Many of the disease-modifying therapies used to treat MS carry significant health risks. Selecting the right therapy for you will depend on careful consideration of many factors, including duration and severity of disease, effectiveness of previous MS treatments, other health issues, cost, and child-bearing status. Key word: progressive multiple sclerosis treatment
  • Siponimod was just approved for the treatment of active progressive ms.
Any suggestions for neuropathy in hands and feet?
It depends on what causes your hand/feet neuropathy. If it is caused by compression, such as in the case of carpal tunnel syndrome, surgery is needed to get rid of the compression; If the neuropathy is caused by diabetes, then vigorous control of blood sugar level is needed.
Sep 6, 2019

 A research team has found a compound that works to promote rebuilding of the protective sheath around nerve cells that is damaged in conditions such as multiple sclerosis.

 Myelin forms a protective sheath covering each nerve cell. Damage to myelin is associated with MS, stroke, brain injuries, and certain forms of dementia such as Alzheimer's disease.

 Researchers found that a molecule called hyaluronic acid, or HA, accumulates in the brains of patients with MS. HA then breaks down into small fragments in multiple sclerosis lesions by enzymes called hyaluronidases. Hyaluronidases leads to failure of generation of myelin.

 Now researchers have found a modified flavonoid—a class of chemicals found in fruits and vegetables, that can block hyaluronidases and promote remyelination.

 The team is preparing for clinical trial, in a year the result will come out if this will work for human being with MS.
Is this trial open to newly-diagnosed patients?
No, it's not recruiting. Actually, the human clinical trial is under prep and has not started yet.
Does MS cause rib pain?
Yes. MS causes chest pain especially when the MS lesions on the patient’s spinal cord. The lesions are indicative of damaged tissue in the nervous system. The damaged tissue, which was previously responsible for regulating the movement of the intercostal muscles, can no longer function optimally.