Why We Suffer from Fasting Hypoglycemia?

1 Answer

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Fasting hypoglycemia, also called non-reactive hypoglycemia, isn't necessarily related to meals and may be due to an underlying disease. Causes of fasting hypoglycemia can include:
  • Some Medications: Medications like those used in adults and children with kidney failure, those used to treat diabetes, bacterial infection and severe pneumonia and some kinds of aspirin taken in large doses can cause fasting hypoglycemia.
  • Alcohol: Excess amounts of alcohol can stop your liver from producing glucose.
  • Illness: Liver, heart and kidney disease can be underlying causes for hypoglycemia. Sepsis, a bacterial infection in the blood, can also cause fasting hypoglycemia.
  • Hormonal Deficiencies: These deficiencies include decreased cortisol, growth hormone, epinephrine or glucagon, and are usaually a problem in children rather than in adults.
  • Tumors: Although rare, insulin-producing tumors in the pancreas called insulinomas can cause fasting hypoglycemia. These tumors may raise insulin levels, because there is not enough glucose to balance out this increased insulin.
  • Eating Disorders: like anorexia
  • Pregnancy
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