What Is Diffuse Systemic Sclerosis?

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The term systemic sclerosis indicates that “sclerosis” (hardening) may occur in the internal systems of the body. There are two major recognized patterns that the illness can take - diffuse or limited disease. In diffuse scleroderma, skin thickening occurs more rapidly and involves more skin areas than in limited disease. In addition, people with diffuse scleroderma have a higher risk of developing “sclerosis” or fibrous hardening of the internal organs. Although most patients can be classified as having diffuse or limited disease, different people may have different symptoms and different combination of symptoms of the illness. Key word: diffuse systemic sclerosis
I was diagnosed with Crest syndrome and active ankalosing spondylitis 10 years ago. I've had 5 heart attacks in the last 5 months. Now I have pah, kidney damage, liver damage and stomach problems and a new mass in my stomach as well as a large mass on my right adrenal gland.  My rheumatologist keeps telling me I'm terminal and there's nothing they can do because there are no treatments or medications for this. Is she correct? If she is then how long do I have?
Hi, I am sorry for your condition. I don't know what is the mass in your stamoch and adrenal gland. Your condition is really severe. If your mass in the stomach is malignant, the remaining time denpends on the nature of it. If it is benign,you should focus your attention on your heart problem,since acute heart attack will threaten your life.
Is either of the two masses malignant? If they're malignant, the situation is really tough. If they're benign, you can focus on the heart, kidney and liver. If the masses are benign, you may choose to see another doctor in another hospital, not clinic. I mean, at this stage, why not get a second opinion?