Is There a Vaccine for RSV?

2 Answers

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Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is a virus that causes infections in the lungs and respiratory tract. It can infect people of all ages, but infants and older adults with chronic pulmonary or cardiovascular disease may have especially severe infections. RSV is a contagious illness and spreads quickly. It can spread through air and direct contact. Every year, about 64 million people are infected and near 160,000 people died of RSV worldwide. Unfortunately, there is no vaccine available for RSV at present, but some precautions can help prevent the spread of the virus. Keywords: rsv vaccine
I am now taking part in a clinical trial for an RSV vaccine
Where , how long and how much are they paying you
As I know, there is currently no licensed RSV vaccine, but a number of vaccines are now in the later stages of development and are expected to be licensed.