How Exactly Is Itchy Skin Treated?

2 Answers

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There are many ways to treat itchy skin. After reading this short article, you will learn about some of the common treatments. Here are the treatments:
  • Curing the disease that causes itchy skin. Internal disease like liver disease and kidney failure may lead to itchy skin.
  • Phototherapy. A doctor will expose your skin to ultraviolet light. This has to be repeated until the itchiness improves a lot.
  • Medications. Your doctor may give you a kind of medicated cream, and ask you to use it on the itchy area.
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Can I see kidney rashes?
Can you use voltaren gel on it, to help skin redness and itching?
It is better not, since Voltaren is used when there is inflammation or you feel painful. If it is only itchy, the common lotion without special fragrance is OK to apply.
I've tried a mixture of pure aloe Vera gel mixed with tea tree oil. It worked better than any prescription I've used.