What's Spina Bifida Life Expectancy?

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The life expectancy of spina bifida varies and most people believe that a baby with spina bifida cannot live through childhood. Actually, with the mildest form of spina bifida and no other birth defect, a baby has 70% chances to reach their early childhood. It is possible to improve life expectancy if steps are taken to control pressure sores, bladder infections, and conditions like hydrocephalus. In 2001, there are statistics showing that up to 75% of children with the severest form of spina bifida lived until early childhood and even longer, but they did require serious support to survive in their adulthood. Some medical professionals believe that about 90% of sufferers can live past 35 years of age. To learn more you should go to a medical professional. Keyword: average life expectancy spina bifida; life expectancy spina bifida; spina bifida life expectancy; spina bifida life expectancy statistics
I was born in 1951 with thoracolumbar myelomeningocele. I am healthy, although in a wheelchair, and my doctor expects me to live at least into my 70's.
You are a miracle! God bless you.
I was born with Myelomingocele and now I am 57 years old. I have been married to an able bodied man for 19 years. Thank God I lived through those years as well as my childhood.
I forgot to say, I walked on crutches. I use a manual wheelchair now.
Seems you're doing great. That's truly a blessing.