How to Define Cutaneous Sarcoidosis?

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How to define cutaneous sarcoidosis?

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Granulomas form in the skin in cutaneous sarcoidosis, although some types of skin lesions can form without granulomas. Skin manifestations of sarcoidosis are estimated to occur in approximately 25% of patients. Approximately one-third of patients with cutaneous sarcoidosis have no other organ involvement. Specific manifestations include papules, plaques, lupus pernio, scar sarcoidosis, and rare morphologies include such as alopecia, ulcers, hypopigmented patches, and ichthyosis. Cutaneous sarcoidosis is often spontaneous and poses no threats to general health. However, for some patients, skin lesions may be painful and may result in the skin becoming damaged or scarred. So, treatment of cutaneous lesions can be frustrating. For patients with severe lesions, the most effective treatment is systemic glucocorticoids. If you have more questions, please ask medical experts for advice. Keyword: cutaneous sarcoidosis