Is Complex Ovarian Cyst Curable?

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Complex ovarian cyst is curable if treated immediately. Ovarian cyst refers to the solid or fluid-filled pockets in or on your ovary. It is common among women especially for those who still get their period. In most cases ovarian cyst is painless and harmless. And it may disappear without treatments. But when it develops into a complex one, the proper medical treatments are needed. Some methods to treat complex ovarian cyst:
  • Surgery: the first choice for complex ovarian cysts larger than 5 cm.
  • Taking pain relievers including opioids, acetaminophen, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (for mild condition).
  • Hormonal birth control.
If you have complex ovarian cyst, you should consult your doctor for proper treatments. Keywords: complex cyst ovary
Will the pain goes away it hurts when i take a deep breath and iam so nauseated  what can i do i went to the er twice and they gave me some antibiotics and pain meds for that help i qm in desperate  need
Needing help to relieve the pain in my ovaries and i have cysts  on ny ovaries  the pain is so unbearable  what can i eo ?and i cant keep anything down the er dr prescribed me pain neds and on antibiotics
The first step is to know what causes the pain. Is it ovarian cyst infection or ovarian torsion due to the cysts? The former can be treated by using antibiotics, while the latter must be treated surgically. I suggest you see a gynecologist instead of going to the ER. Doctors in the ER are not specialized.
If the pain is determined to come from an ovarian cyst and you don't need fertility, ovariectomy is a good method.
I had multiple experiences with ovarian cysts over several years. Most times they were not treated and they went away. But I ended up having one ovary removed, because I got a huge cyst and it posed danger to me.