What Should You Know About Depression and PTSD?

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What should you know about depression and PTSD?

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Depression and PTSD are both mental health problems, and you can not snap out of. There may be some genetic factors involved in the development of PTSD and depression, but they can be treated with medications or therapies. Depression and PTSD do share some similarities in their symptoms, like:
  • Emotional detachment from other people
  • Irritability and bad temper
  • Lack of interests of things once you enjoyed
  • Sleeping problems such as insomnia and nightmares
However, depression and PTSD are two different mental diseases, PTSD is more severe than depression. People with depression have a much higher risk of getting PTSD. So, doctors may use several ways to help distinguish PTSD and depression. Keyword: ptsd depression
Your absolutely right. I have both as well as bipolar. It's not a cake walk
I have the same exact thing going on...sad isn't it!
Scary horrible feeling...can't snap back...was doing somewhat better now a horrible turn backwards..my tragic loss of my 35 yr.old son 2 1/2 years ago..
how strong are these symtpoms?john
They are strong enough to cause a person to commit suicide. Treatment is essential.

How you feel about your self

  How much you want to spend time with  family and friends

To take care care of yourself and your family.  Do some thing just for your self