Do You Know What Is Pica?

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Pica is a psychological disorder. People with pica have an appetite for substances with no nutritional value, such as dirt, ice or glass. And they have persisted in eating them for a long time, at least one month.

According to different substances eaten, pica can be classified into:

  • Acuphagia (sharp objects)
  • Amylophagia (starch)
  • Cautopyreiophagia (burnt matches)
  • Coniophagia (dust)
  • Coprophagia (feces)
  • Emetophagia (vomit)
  • Geomelophagia (raw potatoes)
  • Geophagia (dirt, soil, clay)
  • Hyalophagia (glass)
  • Lithophagia (stones)
  • Mucophagia (mucus)
  • Pagophagia (ice)
  • Plumbophagia (lead)
  • Trichophagia (hair, wool, and other fibers)
  • Urophagia (urine)
  • Hematophagia (Vampirism) (blood)
  • Xylophagia (wood, or derivates of wood such as paper)
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What kinds of symptoms do they haven’t
It is hard to say what they have not, however, if pica is suspected, a medical evaluation is important to assess for possible anemia, intestinal blockages, or potential toxicity from ingested substances. If symptoms are present, the doctor will begin an evaluation by performing a complete medical history and physical exam. The doctor may use certain tests -- such as X-rays and blood tests -- to check for anemia and look for toxins and other substances in the blood, and to check for blockages in the intestinal tract. The doctor also may test for possible infections caused by eating items contaminated with bacteria or other organisms. A review of the person's eating habits also may be conducted.