Is There Diet Guide for Borderline Diabetes?

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Is there diet guide for borderline diabetes?

One can’t control all risk factors of prediabetes but can mitigate some through lifestyle changes like maintaining balanced blood sugar levels and keeping a healthy diet.

Golden rules of healthy eating

Here are seven golden diet principles that can keep your blood sugar from increasing, among other health benefits.
  1. Skip the sugary drinks
  2. Pull back on portions
  3. Fill up on fiber
  4. Be choosy about fats
  5. Drink alcohol only in moderation
  6. Choose lean meats
  7. Stay hydrate
Below is a borderline diabetes food chart. Talk with your doctor and dietitian for the best nutrition plan for you and about what foods to avoid or limit. Keywords: borderline diabetes diet; borderline diabetes diet plan; borderline diabetes food chart; borderline diabetic diet; borderline diabetic diet plan; diet borderline diabetic