Cotton Fever: What Is It and How to Treat It Home

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Cotton fever is a special type of fever, which is largely unknown among general people. It is prevalent among the intravenous (IV) drug users. Here are the common signs and symptoms.
  • high fever within 30 mins after injection
  • headaches
  • nausea and malaise
  • shortness of breath
  • rapid heartbeat
Patients need to pay attention to the severe condition such as pneumonia. Also, it can be wrongly diagnosed as sepsis. Sepsis means your body responses to the infection and it could be a matter of life and death.   If its symptoms are not severe, you can take a try with some certain natural ways to relieve it. Here are some common and effective home remedies. 1. Take hot shower This is the most common one used to treat cotton fever and other withdrawal symptoms. 2. Drink more water You can drink lots of water against dehydration in case of infection. 3. More Sweat Sweating does help in alleviating high body temperature. Try some herbal tea to make more sweating such as yarrow or elderflower. 4. Vitamin C intake Get more vitamin C can not only help to reduce the fever, but also boost your immune system. 5. Seek medical help Cotton fever may lead to life-threatening conditions like sepsis, AIDS and hepatitis C. For someone, it is just a trivial issue. But for others, medical help is necessary. For specific, personalized medical advice, we encourage you to contact your physician.
What does cotton fever have to do with aids.Sure the 2 issues could go hand and hand with injecting but you can't catch aids from the cottons or the water that's being injected but you could catch it if you have sex or inject after someone with aids but that's it I think people that are researching cotton fever are looking to learn more about how to prevent it,and what to do if you get it,but you can catch hepititis from using the same needle just yourself is what a doctor told me.
Cotton Fever Causes possibly include dirt in heroin and fiberglass in cigarette filters. The relationship between just about all the explanations is that cotton fever is caused by various kind of particulate matter that is injected into the blood stream.
Cotton fever is linked with IV drug use. It is considered to result from injecting small particles from anything are used as a filter including things like cotton balls, Q-Tips, and cigarette filters. Intravenously, this small quantity of bacteria can be sufficient to cause cotton fever.Injecting particles from these filters is a valid concern for active addicts also can be  the cause of cotton fever.
The best way to reduce the effects of cotton fever is not to use cotton to filter the drug solutions. This is not a excuse not to filter the drug solutions, or to use a poor substitute.