Can Lymphedema Surgery Help Treat Swelling?

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If your condition is relatively severe, your doctor may recommend surgery. It may have more effective and long-term improvements than non-surgical treatments. You may take a surgery that removes excess tissue in your legs or arms. Then the swelling can be reduced. New surgical techniques can also bring you higher quality of life. Transplantation of lymphatic tissue is available now; and surgery that builds direct connections from the lymphatic system to the veins can show improvements as well. Key words: lymphedema removal surgery; lymphedema surgery; new surgery treat lymphedema
I need  help my legs are the size of a extra large watermellon my doctor told me this is what i have but i have no health insurance and i am inpain  24 7  i am 56 years old  please what can i do i dont want to die from this please help me my phone number is 845 313 9035  i am praying you can help me out
You can do something at home to relieve the pain. You should limit your salt intake and elevate your legs to decrease the swelling. To get rid of this problem, surgery is needed
Talk to hospital social worker to see whether they could solve the problem for you. Your condition seems serious. You need to be hospitalized.