What Is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?

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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a kind of mental health disorder that can affect children and teens even continue into adulthood. Children with ADHD tend to be hyperactive and impulsive. Since they cannot control themselves, there will be a lot of problems such as poor school performance, unstable relationships, low self-esteem and other problems including having trouble in paying attention. Besides, ADHD is more common in boys than in girls. It can be discovered during the early school years. Children with ADHD may have the following symptoms.
  • Impulsiveness
  • Hot temper
  • Problems focusing on a task
  • Problems following through and completing tasks
  • Low frustration tolerance
  • Excessive activity
  • Excessive talking
  • Daydream
  • Restlessness
  • Poor planning
  • Poor time management skills
  • Anxiety
  • Procrastination
  • Relationship problems
  • Chronic lateness and forgetfulness
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I have this problem,and I am 48 years old.I was not tested for it until college, during a master's class when the professor, who was teaching this, and he also worked with public schools to help children with ADHD, wanted to study me.He did the same tests with me that he would do for the public school students.He could not believe that I made it as far as I did in school, but he said that my I.Q. was high.I told him that I stayed in trouble, but my parents were very good at handling me, and he also interviewed my mother. He discovered that I inherited the condition from my father!I stayed in trouble my whole life and I was just good at making sure I could get the job done, and I was always a step ahead of my teachers,and I kept everyone laughing so much that they had to love me. It worked out well, and I don't know how, but I always had a system. People liked me,or hated me. I was pretty enough to get my way with the guys, and not too pretty that I was going to make the girls feel jealous. My best friend was always the smartest girl in the school, it just turned out that way,but she was top of the heap!When I went to college, I roomed with the most popular girl,but I became best friends with a girl who had been the top of her graduating class,and we remained friends all through college as she finished top of her college class, went on to finish her master's degree and was the first in this as well! I think that I have a thing for people who are intelligent. I did finish,at my own pace,and I have my master's degree,but I did  it with my mom while she and I worked and had to complete our master's program at night.I was proud of what we had done together! I did have to go to the doctor and he sent me to a psychiatrist, and he analyzed me, and he sent me back to my doctor. I took various medications for ADHD before I decided what worked for me. I was also able to write my final thesis on ADHD, and I had first hand experience on the mental issues and the fact that people had no knowledge about it and misunderstand it. People think that it is a new thing. It's not,but it is now something that doctors can now handle and medicate safely.
Wish my cousin had your "system", Kerry...I don't know much about ADHD, but my 15 y/o cousin was said to have it and I'm trying to learn something and help when it's needed...he is just like what those movies and TV series have depicted and it really sucks...anyway I think you are marvelous!