What Are Basics of Lewy Body Dementia?

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What is lewy body dementia?

Lewy body dementia (LBD), also known as dementia with Lewy bodies, is one of the most common types of dementia, after Alzheimer’s disease. It usually happens to people who are 50 or over.


What are signs and symptoms of lewy body dementia?

Common signs and symptoms of lewy body dementiamay include:
  • Apathy - You may have loss of motivation.
  • Cognitive problems - You may experience thinking problems such as confusion, poor attention, visual-spatial problems and memory loss.
  • Depression - You may experience depression sometime during the course of your illness.
  • Fluctuating attention - Episodes of drowsiness, long periods of staring into space, long naps during the day or disorganized speech are possible.
  • Movement disorders - Slowed movement, rigid muscles, tremor or a shuffling walk may occur.
  • Poor regulation of body functions - This can result in dizziness, falls and bowel issues such as constipation.
  • Sleep difficulties - You may have rapid eye movement (REM) sleep behavior disorder.
  • Visual hallucinations - They may include seeing shapes, animals or people that aren't there. Sound, smell or touch hallucinations are also possible.



What are atages of lewy body dementia?

  • Early Stages - The earlier stages of Lewy body dementia may involve hallucinations or other distortions of reality and some movement difficulties. Unlike Alzheimer's disease, memory is usually still pretty intact in the early stages, although confusion and some mild cognitive changes may be present.
  • Middle Stages - The middle stages may invlove more strongly resemble Parkinson's such as increased impairment of the body's motor functions, difficulty with speech, impaired ability to swallow and increased paranoia and delusions. Cognition also continues to decline.
  • Later Stages - The later stages may invlove extreme muscle rigidity and sensitivity to touch develops. Speech is often very difficult and may be whispered or absent.
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