What Is Frontotemporal Dementia and What Are Stages of It?

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What is frontotemporal dementia?

Frontotemporal dementia, also known as frontal lobe dementia, is a grouping of uncommon disorders that primarily affect the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain - the areas generally associated with personality, behavior and language.


What are stages of frontotemporal dementia?

There are seven stages of vascular dementia:
  • First Stage - Patients experience no signs or symptoms of the disease
  • Second Stage - There is very mild mental decline marked by forgetfulness
  • Third Stage - The forgetfulness increases and it is accompanied by concentration problems and decreased work performance
  • Fourth Stage - Patients may start forgetting about recent events. They may also have problems managing finances or travelling alone
  • Fifth Stage - Patients suffer from drastic cases of memory loss and need to be assisted in carrying out daily activities
  • Sixth Stage - Patients fail to recognize their loved ones and suffers from slurred speech. There are also delusions, agitation and anxiety
  • Seventh Stage - Patients lose the ability to move, communicate or carry out activities by themselves
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is the seventh stage final life
The 7th is the worst stage for dementia. It's still different from final days of life. Some people can be in stage 7 for quite a few years.
How many is quite a few years.  My mom was diagnosed w/ front.... dementia in 2014, lost speech in Oct 2015, in diapers in 2016. Just had to bring her to a nursing home May 13, 2019, because my dad and I could no longer pick her up to transition. 2 months in nursing home my heart aches to see my mom gone... no smile anymore.  I will be there for her to the end. Out of love & compassion, dignity I hope she goes home to Jesus.   Please take her home Amen.  CRAZY to think she is the one that brought me up, and showed me the right path. This almost impossible to understand.  I'm happy to help anyone with questions or concerns.  Thanks
My grandma had frontotemporal dementia. She passed away before reaching stage 7.But for those survived, stage 7 lasts an average of 2.5 years.
My wife has FT

My wife has FTLD, she has been in a nursing home for 7 months she was give 6 months to live, she is in her 7th month, she has anxiety, she walks all the time, when she was at home, she walked for 72 hrs. She told me once that it was like she was reaching for something and couldn't quit reach it. She and I are Christians, when I pray with her she quiets down. I see her every day, sometimes she seems happy to see me, and sometimes she is not. She told me today that she loved me, I went home and cried.
My grandmother has this too. First her judgment, impulse control and social skills deteriorated, but her vocabulary, memory and general cognitive functioning remained good. She could do fine on the mini metal status exam, even memorized the answers. But her behaviors showed that something was really wrong. She had lost all her self awareness, so she felt nothing was wrong with her. So sorry you are dealing with this in a loved one. I know it is very difficult. God bless you, and remember to take care of yourself too.
I have FTLD and I am in stage 4
Complete depression not helped out with a genetaized SSRI drug