Can People Die from Dementia?

1 Answer

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With dementia, you end up dying not because of the disease itself, but from a complication related to the disease. These include: Pneumonia - Dementia patients have poor immune systems, making it harder to fight off. Falls - Dementia can affect your balance and ability to walk. Falling is the cause of almost all fractures in the elderly, this can increase their chances of death. Choking - During the late stages of dementia, one may have trouble swallowing. Suicide - During the early stages of dementia, especially when one has just been diagnosed with it, there may be an increased risk of suicide. Stroke - Stroke is one of the leading causes of death in the US, and Alzheimer's can increase the risk of stroke. Heart Attack - Dementia patients may have higher risk of heart attacks. To learn more you should go to a medical professional. Keyword: can you die dementia
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