What Is Cerebral Edema?

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What is cerebral edema?

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Cerebral edema, also known as brain edema, brain swelling, or wet brain, means the excess accumulation of fluids in the intracellular or extracellular spaces of the brain. The brain is especially susceptible to injury from edema because of its confined space. Generally, there have been four identified types of cerebral edema: vasogenic edema, hydrostatic cerebral edema, high altitude cerebral edema, and cytotoxic edema. Speaking of its causes, cerebral edema may result from brain trauma, ischemic stroke, meningitis, cancer, the breakdown of blood brain barrier or blood cerebrospinal fluid, altered metabolism, etc. Osmotherapy, corticosteroids and surgical decompression are the common treatments for cerebral edema. Keywords: cerebral edema; cerebral edema+