Something You Should Know About Bone Metastases

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What is bone metastasis?

When breast cancer cells spread through the blood vessels, they often take a rest in the bones, resulting in bone tumors. For some people, it is symptomless, but for others, pain is existing. So, the process by which cancer spread to the bone is called bone metastasis.  


Sometimes, bone metastasis causes no symptoms. When it does occur, some problems may appear to your body:
  • Bone pain
  • Broken bones
  • Urinary and bowel incontinence


There are variety methods to treat this kind of disease. Treatment often involves medication, surgery and so on. And it is different for each person. Although the treatment process sometimes let the patient suffer a lot, if it works well, the patient can return to a normal life. Keywords: bone metastases breast cancer; bone metastases prognosis; bone metastases symptoms; bone metastasis symptoms; symptoms bone metastases; bone metastases treatment; bone metastasis treatment; metastatic bone cancer treatments; bone metastasis treatment; osteomyelitis bone infection