What Are the Treatments for Anorexia?

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Anorexia, also called anorexia nervosa, is a kind of eating disorder. It is characterized by the decreased sensation of appetite, an abnormally low body weight, an intense fear of gaining weight and a distorted perception of weight. Here are some treatments for anorexia. Psychotherapy There are two kinds of psychotherapies: family therapy and individual therapy. The family therapy is effective to teenagers who are unable to make good choices about eating. This therapy needs patients to help their children with re-feeding and weight restoration. Individual therapy is a kind of cognitive behavioral therapy, it aims to normalize eating patterns and behaviors to support weight gain for adults with anorexia. Weight restoring It aims to make the patient getting back to a healthy weight. Patients can ask doctors for medical care and can ask family members to help them maintain normal eating habits. Besides, patients can do regular exercises to build up strength and maintain healthy weight. Diet changing Patients with anorexia may change their diet by reducing greasy or spicy foods. They should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Medical care It is used for serious situation. When the symptoms of anorexia keep worsening, doctor may feed the patient through a tube that is placed in his/her nose and goes to the stomach (nasogastric tube). Keywords: anorexia treatment; anorexia treatment help; anorexia treatments; treatment anorexia; anorexia nervosa treatment; treatment anorexia nervosa