Can You Show Some Pictures of Frostbite and Chilblains?

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Can you show some pictures of frostbite and chilblains?

Frostbite occurs when you are exposed to temperatures below the freezing point of skin, thus freezing the tissues. The symptoms of frostbite may be milder than those of the chilblains. The followings are some pictures of frostbite and chilblains in different parts of the body for you as references. Frostbite and Chilblains in feet and toes: Frostbite and Chilblains in face: <!--nextpage--> Frostbite and Chilblains in fingers and hands: Keywords: chilblains images; chilblains pictures; pictures chilblains; does frostbite look like; chilblains feet; chilblains toes; frostbite face; frostbite hands; frostbite fingers; frostbite images; images frostbite; frostbite pictures face; pictures frostbite face; frostbite pictures feet; frostbite pictures; frostbite pictures photos; pictures frostbite; pictures frostbite photos; frostbite symptoms frostbite pictures; chilblains toes pictures; pictures chilblains toes; frostbite pictures fingers; pictures frostbite fingers; pictures frostbite hands; frostbite pictures toes; frostbite toes pictures; pictures frostbite toes