What Is Myocardial Bridging?

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Myocardial bridging, a congenital coronary anomaly, is a clinical condition, it occurs when one of the coronary arteries tunnels through the myocardium rather than resting on top of it. Generally, the arteries should rest on top of the heart muscle, and feed blood down into smaller vessels that populate throughout the myocardium. If muscle grows around one of the larger arteries, myocardial bridge is formed. Myocardial bridge is present from birth, it can trigger uncomfortable, powerful heartbeats and angina. It can cause complications like vasospasm, angina pectoris, ventricular tachycardia, arrhythmia, etc. Patients with myocardial bridge may need surgeries to help treat it, which may be myotomy, coronary artery bypass surgery, or both. Keywords: myocardial bridging; myocardial bridge
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