What is the Difference Between Spondylosis and Spondylitis?

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Spondylosis refers to the disease in the neck area, and the symptom would include: stiffness, the pain in the neck, and the sudden rigidity of arms; Spondylitis is start from the sacroiliac joint and develop along the spine, and it could also affect the arms or legs. Under certain conditions, the spondylosis is the subtype of the spondylitis, it means the spondylitis start from the sacroiliac joint, and then inflames the neck area. Keywords: spondylitis spondylosis; spondylitis vs spondylosis; spondylosis spondylitis; spondylosis vs spondylitis.
thanks for the info. i have the spondylosis. neck fusion surgery 4yrs ago has halted the progression of nerve damage, but i still have permanent nerve damage from the neck down... and still a lot of pain from neuropathy everywhere. i was fast becoming a quadriplegic when i finally had the surgery done. lesson: don't put off surgery your Dr tells you needs to be done.
that's horrible. I had it last year, now I'm just in my 30s. Wish I don't need the surgery eventually.