The Related Information About the Ewing Sarcoma

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What is the ewing sarcoma?

Ewing sarcoma is a rare cancer that starts from the long bone of the pelvis, legs or arms, also it could start from some soft tissue. According to the newly research, the ewing sarcoma could start from anywhere, but most cases shows, it would raise from arms and legs first, and transplant to other place.

What is the cause of ewing sarcoma?

It caused by a kind of cancerous cell, named poorly differentiated globular cell. And it would first attack the issues in the long bone.

What are the symptoms of it?

The symptoms could include:
  • The affected area would feel pain, stiffness, or unusual fever
  • Fever with no reason
  • The bone pain, especially in the midnight or after exercise
  • Tiredness with no reason
  • Loss weight in a short period
  • Fracture with no reason

What is the treatment of it?

The unique treatment is not appropriate for this disease. The combination therapy is the best choose, and the doctor would adopt the surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. By the way, the ewing sarcoma is very sensitive to the radiotherapy, and it would shrink in a short time after the radio. But, from the prospection of the long term, the combination therapy should be the first choose.<!--nextpage-->

What about the prognosis of it?

According to the statistics, the female would recover better, comparing with the male in the sample condition. And the position of the ewing sarcoma would be one of the decisive element for the prognosis: the location in the arms or legs (the survival rate is 75% among 3 years) would be better than in the trunk (the survival rate is 53% among 3 years), the location in the pelvis would be the worst result (the survival rate is 21% among 5 years) .The other decisive element is the size, the size under 100 ml would be better (the survival rate is 79% among 3 years). Keywords: ewing sarcoma; ewing sarcoma cancer; ewing sarcoma definition; causes ewing sarcoma; ewing sarcoma life expectancy.