How Can I Tell the Beginning Symptoms of Diabetes?

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You are right. It’s vital to tell the early symptoms if you are at high risk of the diabetes. For both types of diabetes, these signs deserve your special attention: • Hunger and fatigue. • More urine. • More easily getting thirsty. • Itchy skin. • Dry mouth. • Blurred vision. As for type 2 diabetes, if you have the following signs, meaning your glucose has been high for a long time. 1.Yeast infections. It can happen between fingers and toes, under breasts, in or around sex organs and any other warm, moist fold of skin. 2.Slow-healing sores or cuts. High blood sugar can make your wounds hard to heal. 3.Pain or numbness in your feet or legs. This is a typical sign of nerve damage. As for the type 1 symptoms, you should stay careful about the symptoms listed below. 1.Abnormal weight loss. Never mix it with your dieting outcome! 2.Nausea and vomiting. This is related to the high level of “ketones”, which can be life-threatening. Keywords: beginning symptoms diabetes   Related FAQ: