Anything about Lupus Myelitis?

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Anything about lupus myelitis?

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Lupus myelitis, also called lupus nephritis, is a form of transverse myelitis. When myelitis is related to lupus, the autoimmune condition targets the spinal cord. Symptoms of lupus myelitis vary greatly, but the common symptoms include some degree of paralysis or weakness, urinary bladder or bowel dysfunction, muscle spasms, headache, fever, numbness, heightened sensitivity to touch, etc. Speaking of the causes that may trigger lupus myelitis, half of the cases are related to antiphospholipid antibodies and the other half of the cases are related to active vasculitis. It may take 2-12 weeks after the onset of the symptoms to recover from the lupus myelitis, and sometimes it may take 2 years or even longer. Keyword: lupus myelitis
I believe this might be the autoimmune disorder I am currently dealing with. I have unexplained bruising skin I dentitions in back. I h e had three flare ups in the past 6 months. This last one is when I begin having the indentations . My Family dr tested my ANA which came back negative.  Right before flare up I get very tired and have a lot of pain in my back. Even earring bra , I also have gotten little broken vessels this time around. Steroids help a bunch. Also experiencing a lot of left sided shoulder pain. Dizzy spells, numbness and tingling in my arms in feet and some confusion. My dr finally got me into rheumatologist who ran a bunch of blood work have a follow up in two weeks . And  she is trying to get me into dermatologist for biopsy on back indentations . If anyone can help me figure out what is going on it would be greatly appreciated. I am a mother of five and feeling like I have something really bad going on and taking forever to get answers and proper treatment
It seems unlikely to be an autoimmune disease. First, your ANA is negative. Although autoimmune disease can be ANA negative, the great majority are ANA positive. Additionally, your rheumatologist did a bunch of tests and failed to give you a diagnosis, suggesting it is not a common disease. At present, not much clues are available to formulate a diagnosis. Hopefully biopsy of your back skin indentations would yield diagnostic information.