Is Tachycardia Normal During Pregnancy?

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Is it normal that have tachycardia in pregnancy?

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If the heart rate during pregnancy is caused by natural causes, such as physical fatigue or anxiety, then this is a normal condition. However, some cases of tachycardia during pregnancy require medical observation. Heart pressure increases as a result of physical changes in the body and during pregnancy, such as placenta formation, weight gain, neovascularization, and uterine growth. Moreover, a heart works for both mother and baby. An overloading of the heart can lead to a rapid heart rate. A pregnant woman's heart rate increases by 10-20 beats per minute. Heart palpitations are common during pregnancy, especially in the late stages of pregnancy. In fact, from the sixth month of pregnancy, a woman's heart rate increases 15-20 beats per minute. Keyword: tachycardia pregnancy