How Does Early Poison Ivy Rash Look Like?

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Poison ivy rash is allergic skin reaction caused by direct contact with the sap oil of the poison ivy. The oil is very sticky, so it easily attaches to your skin, clothing, tools and other items. You can get an allergic reaction from direct touch to the plant or indrect touch to the contaminated objects. The rash often begins after a 12-48 hours delay after exposure and persists for about two to three weeks. The symptoms can range from mildly unpleasant to an intense reaction of swelling, blistering, and oozing. The early stage of the poison ivy rash will be redness, itching and small blisters on your skin (see picture below). See the source image You can take self-care methods to ease the early stage rash with soothing lotions and cool compresses.   keywords: poison ivy rash; allergic skin reaction; early stage;
The image is of a more advanced rash ... The first sign looks like scattered bug bites. I initially thought it was from chiggers ... Catch it then by squeezing a capsule of Benedryl on it, and taking homeopathic Boiron Rhus Tox under the tongue ...

Poison Ivy Rashes are blisters that arise on the skin surface due to its contact with oily resins present in Poison Ivy Plant. These oils act as irritants for the skin. On contact with the skin surface they produce irritation and lead to a skin disorder called Allergic Contact Dermatitis.